Easter Basket Ideas

Winter was mild and we've been feeling the heat in Houston since well, last Summer. With Spring finally here, I've been melting, (no pun intended) to get my shopping on for Summer essentials and be outdoors in our gorgeous weather.

I don't give our daughter a ton of candy and for Easter I didn't want to give too many Easterish themed things, because well, they are out of season in like a day.
Here is a picture of our daughter's Easter basket from last year.

I'll put a few eggs in the Easter basket, and she will hunt for the rest. I'll also include one golden egg that I got at Target for $3, http://www.target.com/.../jumbo-6-golden.../-/A-50106248. This year, this is the Easter egg that will have the candy treats in it....for the rest of the eggs, we will just do goldfish and craisins in the other eggs. As our daughter get's older, the golden egg will continue to be the "special exciting egg" and we can do like cash or a piece of jewelry in it.

Since I am not big on too much candy or Easter themed things, I really like to go with Spring & Summer Essentials/Activity/Get Outside items for her Easter basket. Ideas include:
  • A Pool Floatie
  • A Swimsuit
  • A Towel
  • Flip Flops
  • Boat Shoes or Sandals
  • A Cover Up
  • Sunglasses
  • A Sundress
  • Squirt Toys
  • Sunscreen Sticks
  • A Watering Can
  • A Small, Handheld Butterfly Net
  • A Small, Hand Shovel
  • A Small Hand Rake
  • Seeds to Plant
  • Sand Castle Toys

Art stuff is always great. I think some fun ideas are:
  • Bright Markers
  • Pastel Crayons
  • Color Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Coloring Books
  • Water Colors
  • Finger Paints
  • Play Doh
  • Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Paper

For books, I really like the Velveteen Rabbit and Peter Pan. They aren't too Easter themed, so they can be enjoyed and read all year long, but still have bunnies that tie in to the holiday. I also think giving a book, focused on the true story and meaning of Easter is also a great idea.

Other Ideas:
  • This year, we got our daughter a Minnie Mouse place mat to put the Easter basket on top of and she'll love eating off of it during meals.
  • With our daughter in gymnastics, this year, we got her a new leotard
  • I think dishes are a great idea. We also did a Minnie Mouse sippie cup, but I also think utensils are a great idea as a basket stuffer.
  • Girls love new pastel bows and headbands for their hair
  • One Easter we started a James Avery charm bracelet with one charm on it and then now once a year, on a holiday, my child's daughter gives her a charm....So it will be a gift my daughter can look forward to collecting with her daddy as she grows up
  • I personally like "wooden toys" over plastic, so something like the toys from http://www.forsmallhands.com/
  • Small light up sparkly bouncy ball
  • One year, my mom got our daughter this cute stool which will always be special to her.....http://www.damhorsttoys.com/item-102-small-name-puzzle.../
  • Chapstick
  • Play Makeup
  • Bubbles
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Toothpaste and a new toothbrush
  • Little Purse or Pouch
  • Jewelry. We did a long strand of play pearls
  • Undies

Whew! Her Easter Basket is still in the works, and I'll post a picture when I put it together, but I wanted to collaborate with my mommy friends on ideas.

Happy Easter Bunnying!


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