Aubrey's First Year in Montessori

What a year it's been for Aubrey in her first year in Montessori. We've seen her absolutely flourish.
Last month, I was able to observe Aubrey for 30 minutes in her classroom and was pleased with the level of work she was doing, and this month, I met for a parent-teacher conference with her teacher and the teacher's assistant. It was so neat to learn about Aubrey's development. Here are some of the highlights of the discussion:
The teacher said her skills are high above the norm. WHAT! It's always heartwarming when I hear compliments. My mom is a Montessori school teacher though and I'm sure that has something to do with it. She has constantly been teaching her things since she was a newborn, whether its counting when she holds Aubrey while stepping or going up and down stairs, to doing sounds of the alphabet in the car, to going over red lights vs. green lights and what they mean, it's a constant lesson when she is with my mom. Some things the teacher mentioned about her in the class room are:
  • She draws with a purpose. While it looks like a scribble- she knows want she wants to draw and she tries to do it.
  • She has mastered polishing wood, silver and brass.
  • She glues shapes. She cuts them out and glues them down.
  • She's mastered sequencing and patterns.
  • She's great at classifying. She can classify what is magnetic and what's not.
  • She loves chores. Sweeping, wiping spills, mopping.
  • She checks the weather.
  • She sets the table.
  • She knows all the months in the calendar year.
  • She's mastered apple coring and after she cores it, she serves it to her friends. If they've already touched one, she has them take the one they touched. So cute.
  • She serves her friends lemon water.
  • She's had many vocabulary explosions. When we go through the picture dictionary with her, she's able to identify most of the things in there and her sentence structure continues to improve.
Potty training- That was THE discussion. She celebrates being dry. Apparently at school, they have her pretty potty trained. She tells them when she needs to go, etc. So now we need to encourage her at home and explain why we need her to do it. We've tried at home before and she pees pretty much immediately, so I dropped it. I guess I need to try again.

Happy First Week Of May!

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