Nice to meet you!

I have a love for homeless animals and am a Mommy's Girl. Yep, I am 34 years old and still call my mommy, "Mommy!" I wish I could be a super mommy myself, cook, florist, blogger, photographer, stylist, wife and doggie mother all at the same time. For now, I'll just work on a little at a time.

I met my husband Scott at Texas State in 2004. We dated for 6 years and were married on July 9, 2011. My maiden name and my husband's last name are both Williams. What are the chances! We have the cutest little daughter, Aubrey Vargo Williams. She's a toddler, student at an AMI Montessori school, a gymnast in training, and she think's she's a singer as well.

My husband is a kidney transplant patient and I would love to connect with other transplant patients and their spouses. We went through so much and no one could relate to us. Now, I'd love to support other transplant patient's journeys.

Our family enjoys cooking, grilling, time outside, in the sun, pool and beach. I know some super hilarious and sweet people and to be honest, I just feel lucky to be around every one of them.

I work full time doing marketing and advertising and can honestly tell you that I enjoy every day, doing what I do! Sometimes I think I have the best life- I know some really amazing people, that do amazing things, that crack me up and inspire me; and sometimes I feel like I'm running a circus in life- which is why I thought I'd start to document it all.