Why did you name your blog Vanilla & Vargo?

It just fit when I was thinking about one word answers that describe me. I love everything Vanilla! I love the color, the scent, and the ice cream flavor.

What kind of dog is Maarten?
His kennel card says he's an Australian Cattle Dog. But he is clearly a mix of all kinds of dogs.

Why do you spell his name as "Maarten?"
After the island! St. Maarten was our favorite island on our honeymoon cruise and we got Maarten a few weeks later!

Baby and Toddler Toys
For unique gifts and toys, I really like wooden toys and toys supportive of the Montessori method. Like toys from sites like this: http://www.forsmallhands.com

Why did you decide to start a blog?
A few reasons. Honestly, I just have so many thoughts in my head, I wanted to write them down. I also thought it would be a great way to document life and my journey as a mommy and wife. I thought it would be a neat way to connect with transplant patients and their families also.

I really also want to throw out there, my ideas aren't cutting edge/never thought of. I don't have any interest in this being some wannabe mommy blog/lifestyle blog. If I inspire someone, that's a plus! I'd be honored and I'm even going to try to inspire and connect with people, but let's be honest. We are all unique and have great ideas, and it's easy to look great on the internet. Or even lame on the internet. I don't think my ways of doing things/my ideas/how I live, etc are all that unique/groundbreaking. I just decided to share my thoughts, and as someone that "blogs" about some of my thoughts, ideas, and life's journey, you'll find a little humbleness, truthfulness and reality in my mix of posts.

What makes your blog unique? It's not. Let's be real. What's in my makeup bag isn't that different from another woman's, just sayin'. But perhaps how I tackle things will be inspiring, my journey in life will be fun to follow and a little unique, and my perspective will be refreshing.